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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bahasa Inggris Semester 2

Vegetables (Sayur sayuran)

Carrot = wortel
Potato = kentang
Cauliflower = kembang kol
Cabbage = kol
Eggplant = terung
Pumpkin = labu
Cucumber = ketimun
Tomato = tomat
Chilli = cabai
Spinach = bayam
Brocoli = brokoli
Shallot = bawang merah
kale = kangkung
Bean = buncis
Pease = kapri
Chicory = sawi putih
Chickpea = kacang panjang
Kacang merah = red beans
Leeks = daun bawang
Celery = seledri

Vegetables About
Carrot is orange
The colour of tomato is red
Eggplant is purple
The colour of Peas is green
Chicory is white
The taste of chilli is hot
Red tomato is sweet
Green Tomato is sourness

The Story of Vegetables

1. I go to the market
    I buy vegetables
    There are carrot, potato, cauliflower, and spinach
    I like spinach very much
   Vegetables are good for our body

2. I grow vegetables in the garden
    There are Chilli, eggplant, tomato
    I like to pick vegetables from garden
    There are fresh and healthy


1. Mini : What colour is the carrot?
    Mickey : The carrot is orange.

2. Thomas : What is This
     Emily : This is spinach

3. Tupi : Do you like tomato
    Ping Ping : Yes I like it

4. Nana : Is it celery red?
    Fatih : No, celery is green

5. Koko : How is the taste of chilli
    Dini : It is hot

Fruits (Buah-Buahan)
Animals (Hewan-hewan)
Personal Pronouns(Kata ganti Orang)

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